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Online safety - MoMo


Dear Parents,


You may have read or heard in the news about a disturbing game that is spreading through social media. The game is called ‘MoMo’ and can be accessed via websites or apps such as Whatsapp.  Whatsapp is currently only allowed for those over the age of 16 years old.  Facebook is for those over 13 years old.


MoMo is a sinister looking female avatar that is part of a game.  It is understood that the child may need to create an account to access MoMo fully.  Momo gives instructions to the players as part of the game.  The game eventually results in the avatar suggesting that the person takes their own life.  The real threat that MoMo possesses is unclear, which is why we need to be vigilant.  There is much reported information in the media, however the actual risk is hard to gauge.  You may have also heard of ‘Blue Whale’ which has been reported to be linked to over 100 deaths of young people in Russia.


Even without the game downloaded, MoMo references and images can be found on sites such as YouTube and through search engines so an awareness of what your child is doing online is essential in protecting them.  In agreement with the NSPCC, we strongly recommend that you speak to your children about keeping themselves safe online and you may also want to check your parental controls and search histories.  Many excellent tips and guidance can be found on the NSPCC’s website on how to do this.  These can be accessed at  On Facebook, there is also a resource ‘EST E-Safety’ which can give you, as parents, excellent tips to keep your child safe online.  Finally, CEOP has many superb resources to help your child understand e-safety in a fun, interactive way and there is also a section with advice for parents:


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